Lifts / Lifts for the Disabled

Lifts / Lifts for the Disabled 
Dimou Antonios - Lifting Machines - Moving and Lifting Tapes Ilion Athens

Our company Elevators of the Municipality, with several years in the field of elevators, possessing all the necessary know-how and specialization required for the study and installation, undertakes the installation of the following types of elevators-elevators, for each type.

Lifting machines to serve people with mobility difficulties.

Special stair lifts or platforms, depending on the needs of the person facing mobility difficulties and the capabilities of the building, we choose the most appropriate solution for the optimal and autonomous service of the disabled people.
In Stair Lifts, the user without the wheelchair sits in the special seat of the lift and climbs the ladder.
On the special platforms, the user, together with the cart, is placed on the platform and goes to his destination.